Project Description

12 manufacturers of multihulls have boats in the F18 class. The NACRA F18 Infusion has been a winner of the F18 World Championship class in five of the last nine years the class has been recognised as an International Class in it’s own right by World Sailing. It is one of the most popular box rule classes in multihull racing, with anything up to 160 boats attending the World Championships.

The box rule is designed so crews have a choice of boats to race in fleet racing with no handicap – the first to the line is the winner. The F18 box rule has limitations on boat dimensions and minimum crew weights that allow for female and mixed crews to have a level playing field with all male crews around the buoys.

While the box rule is designed to keep the price competitive a number of Olympic team sailors race on the world F18 circuit, showing the pedigree of this class – the winners in the class are often the best multihull sailors in the world.


The NACRA F18 Infusion is named after the unique construction process involved. The Infusion system allows better weight distribution in the hulls, making for greater stiffness where required, adding all important speed! The NACRA has a greater hull volume than any other in the class, allowing this boat to be driven harder yet more precisely than any other cat on the F18 circuit. The hull’s wave piercing technology improves speed in all conditions, from a flat lake to big seas in big winds. The NACRA F18 Infusion has dynamic lift, stabilising pitching at high speed, ensuring a more stable airflow over the sails and thereby increasing the speed at all points of sail.

Those sailing this blisteringly quick multihull will note the fully battened jib, quick response to controls, and the high aspect daggerboards improve upwind performance. The Performance Sails and wing mast shape combine to help the NACRA F18 sailor leave the competition for dust.

Please get in contact with us for details of all options and accessories, more information or to arrange a test sail.


Nacra snuffer system Standard
Carbon Dagger board Foils Standard
Nacra kick up rudder system Standard
Boom Standard
1:10 mainsheet system Standard
Carbon telescopic Joystick Option
Ariba Glass fibre telescopic joystick Standard
Self tacking Jib system Standard
Adjustable trapeze system Option