Project Description

Start them Young

The all new NACRA 15 is the multihull of choice for  youth development. It was selected as the World Sailing Youth Worlds catamaran in 2015, and the RYA also chose it as their Youth Multihull. Soon after the same cat was chosen to be a 2018 Youth Olympic Games multihull (in full foiling mode). It really is a ‘mini NACRA 17’, give that the NACRA 17 will also be making it’s full foiling debut at the 2020 Olympic games. It first raced at the World Sailing Youth Worlds in 2016 in New Zealand and with more than 75 boats on the water worldwide there is already a fiercely competitive racing scene, both in the UK and internationally.

New Sailing Careers

The similarities to the NACRA 17 are striking. Both boats have the same control systems, sail plan hull shape and C foiling systems. This makes for a clear pathway for the aspiring Olympian to sail the 15 at the top level with the express intent of going for Gold one day.

One of the most important aspects of this boat is that it is relatively challenging and technical boat to sail yet is still a lot of fun. In young people enjoying sailing this catamaran, it is hoped that they will sail competitively for the rest of their lives no matter their success on the world sailing circuit.

C Foils

C foils are designed to lift the leeward hull, particularly in downwind conditions, so it skims virtually along the surface and thereby helps to resist pitch-poling, a problem that besets many multihulls. In moving longitudinal stability forward this helps to make for a faster yet more controllable boat.

Four Point Foiling

All NACRA 15s are currently built ‘foiling ready’ with C foils to reduce drag by increasing lift. Ahead of the 2018 Youth Olympics, later this year new Z foil foiling kits will be available to NACRA 15 owners, that will provide a full, four point foiling experience ahead of the first ever IOC sponsored full foiling racing. These will be able to be ‘slotted in’ to the boat with no modifications required.

Fun and Fast

Both blisteringly fast yet built with safety and ease of sailing in mind, this is the entry level performance boat for aspiring top competition multihull sailors all over the world. The boat was designed with a combined crew target weight of 120kg +/-10kg this makes the 15 an excellent choice for male, female or mixed crews both young and old who are aiming to race at the top end of competition cat racing.

Please get in contact with us for details of all options and accessories, more information or to arrange a test sail.

Technical Data

Boat length 4.70 m/15.4 ft
Boat width 2.35m/7.7 ft
Mast Lenght 8.10m/26.5 ft
Area mainsail 13.6m/146 sqft
Area Jib 3.3m/36 sqft
Area Spi 16.5m/177.6 sqft