Project Description

After a competition of the world’s leading multihulls, the NACRA 17 was selected by World Sailing as the Olympic class mixed crew multihull for the 2016 Rio Games in 2012. An evaluation event was held in Madrid among a range of manufacturers and the completely new NACRA 17 design was selected for future Olympics.

The designers at NACRA looked at the World Sailing specifications and found that they could build a completely new boat without adapting either the 16 or the F18 to do the job. In addition to the C foils for the class, they included a full carbon rig for safety and performance. The hulls are wave piercing that reduces drag and creates a more constant high speed than the 17’s forebears.

The racing in Rio was extremely competitive and epic when the breeze was up!  The first NACRA 17 Gold was won by Argentinian pair Santiago Lange and Cecillia Caranza after a very close race where the pair beat Australia to Gold by only 1 point after the final Medal Race. This has set the course for future sailing Olympics to come, the NACRA 17 will be the most exciting boat on the water!

C foils

C foils are designed to lift the hulls so they virtually skim along the surface, particularly in downwind conditions and thereby reducing pitch-poling, a problem that besets many multihulls.

The development continues

At the 2020 Tokyo Games the NACRA 17 will be full foiling on Z foils developed for this and the Nacra 15 class and combined with T foil rudders these will be full four point foiling catamarans. These foils can lift the hulls off the water in only 6-7 knots of wind, meaning that there will be very fast sailing to be had even in typical gentle Northern Hemisphere summer conditions. We can be certain that this will be the most exciting new class of Olympic sailing since the 49er made its entry so many years ago.

Up to 2020

As teams prepare and compete to be in the Olympics, the full foiling class has been launched in time allow the elite crews to get plenty of time on the water and to get to know this completely new craft in all weather conditions.

The control systems and hull shape are very similar to the NACRA 15, 16 classes, meaning that this could be the apex of someone’s sailing career after entering multihull sailing on the 15 or 16. The 17 is a lot more complex to sail than its junior sisters but for that makes some of the most exciting boats in world class racing.

Please get in contact with us for details of all options and accessories, more information or to arrange a test sail.

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