Project Description

A lively, fun sports catamaran to sail, the NACRA 460 Sport is the ‘baby’ of the Nacra family of racing catamarans. This version of the 460 range has the greatest sail area with a 3.15 square metre jib that can give you that added edge when racing around the buoys. With a wide beam and non slip decks she can be sailed in stronger winds with the crew on the trapeze, enjoying this small yet perfectly formed cat at its maximum potential.

The hulls are built to be buoyant, improving planing performance and reducing the risks of pitch-poling. The NACRA 460 Sport’s crossbeams are recessed into the hull to improve rigidity and stiffness to windward.

Options on this boat include a reefing system for sailing in bigger breezes, a self tacking jib system for solo sailing by an adult, and an adjustable trapeze system for different sized crews. Options also include a 1:8 mainsheet system for younger crews to handle in more challenging conditions. With these and the optional telescopic carbon tiller allowing the skipper to hike out, the NACRA 460 Sport can sail to the edge of its performance curve and put a smile on everyone’s face as it does so!

Please get in contact with us for details of all options and accessories, more information or to arrange a test sail.

Technical Data

Boat length 4.50
Boat width 2.35
Mast Lenght 7.77
Area mainsail 12.30
Area Jib 3.15
Area Spi 15.00


Nacra snuffer system Standard
Reef possibility Option
Nacra kick up rudder system Standard
Foam sandwich Vinylester construction Standard
Boom Standard
Harken equipped Standard
Carbon telescopic Joystick Option
Ariba Glassfiber telesscopic joystick Standard
Selftacking Jib system Option
Adjustable trapeze system Option
1:6 mainsheet system Standard
1:8 mainsheet system Option