Project Description

The NACRA F20 FCS (Flight Control System) is the pinnacle of beach cat design today. Those seeking the ultra fast thrill of a two-crewed three point foiler will be blown away by the speed, responsiveness and excitement that this top end catamaran provides today.

Development from F20C

This is the younger sister of the C foiled F20C that took the world by storm in 2010. Both boats are all carbon multihulls. Both are built for the elite beach cat sailor who enjoy leaving the fleet behind in their wake!

Flight Control System

Using J foils like its bigger Americas Cup cousins, the F20FCS has a specialised flight control system that allows for dynamic control of the boat’s flight above the water with both hulls out of the water and on foils.

The control system allows for a greater degree of control of this carbon rocket in a variety of sea conditions and allows the experienced team with practice to complete the new technique of gybing without the hulls going into the water whilst completing the manoeuvre.

Construction and control systems

Standard sail configuration includes a Kevlar carbon square top mainsail, a Kevlar carbon high aspect jib and a full radial cut spinnaker for blasting downwind. Looking to the hull, this is of carbon sandwich with pre-moulded shaped core. The rigging and control equipment including the FCS main foils, T-foil rudders, rudder control system, spinnaker pole, boom and mast are made from carbon fibre as well.

While one of the biggest beach cats afloat, the F20FCS is designed for ease of portability between venues. Those buying into this class will find that despite it’s size, the platform can be transported complete on a specialised tilting road trailer.

A drug few can shake

Be warned – flying this foiling beach cat can be extremely addictive and those exposed to three point foiling can find hardly anything else to shake the need for speed that can really only be found on this boat at this price point. You have been warned: there is no drug like it, and you will be hooked for life!

Please get in contact with us for details of all options and accessories, more information or to arrange a test sail.

Technical Data

Boat length 6.20
Boat width 3.20
Carbon mast Length 10.45
Area mainsail 21.00
Area jib 5.20
Area spi 28.00
FCS carbon main foils
FCS carbon T-Rudders
FCS carbon rudder stock system
FCS foil trim system


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