Project Description

When the America’s Cup foiling catamarans captured the world’s imagination in 2011, people asked, ‘how can I get foiling?’ The answer was already on the water with the semi foiling NACRA F20C. Launched in 2010, this all out racing beach cat has C foils that allow for a semi-foiling experience right out of the box.

C foils

C foils are designed to give lift to the hulls, particularly in downwind conditions and thereby reducing pitch-poling, a problem that besets many multihulls.

In significantly reducing drag, the C foil helps the sail drive the F20C onto apparent wind, making for an extremely fast boat in most wind conditions.

For winners

If you are familiar with the NACRA 15, F16, 17 and F18 and enjoy leaving the fleet behind then the F20C is definitely the boat for you!

Whether you move your gear by shipping container or on a specialist road trailer, the you can compete in some of the fastest coastal sailing in the world in the premier league of foiling beach cats.

Top end construction

The construction and sail configuration are about maximising the power to weight ratio of this top end rocket. Standard sail configuration includes a Kevlar carbon square top mainsail, a Kevlar carbon high aspect jib and a full radial cut spinnaker for blasting downwind. Looking to the hull, this is of carbon sandwich with pre-moulded shaped core.

For those seeking a half step to three point foiling on the F20FCS, the F20C makes complete sense.

Please get in contact with us for details of all options and accessories, more information or to arrange a test sail.


Nacra snuffer system Standard
Carbon Curved Foils Standard
Nacra kick up rudder system Standard
Boom Standard
Carbon Boom Option
Carbon telescopic Joystick Option
Ariba Glassfiber telescopic joystick Standard
Selftacking Jib system Standard
Adjustable trapeze system Option
1:10 mainsheet system Standard

NACRA F20 Carbon Image Gallery